Dear Investors:

Welcome to Iraq

We have embarked on a mission of facilitating the investor’s mission and providing all services to accelerate the process of granting an investment license

The One Stop Shop and Investor Services Department in the National Investment Commission is regarded as the main gate for communication with the investor, and through its constant endeavor to remove all bureaucratic obstacles and facilitate the investor’s mission, it is pleased to launch the online portal to apply for the investment license.

The online portal shall enable you to create your own account, through which investment applications are submitted and followed-up in order to obtain an investment license.

You can take a look at the steps for creating an account, updating the profile data as well as reading information on how to submit the form, and how to control representatives management through the links listed on the side of the page.

We are pleased to provide you with the frequently asked questions that will help you to find the answers to the most asked questions.

For more information, please contact the One-Stop Shop Department and Investor Services Department via email at