Yes, there is an integrated data base regarding all investment entities which have previously submitted investment requests to NIC and were granted the investment license. These entities have private accounts that were created according to information provided by them through in the previous investment application where they can reset passwords of their accounts through the reset link that will be sent to their phone number and email which were added during the sign up of their accounts. Click Here
It usually takes around 5 working days to check the entered information into the account of the investment entity then an activation code will be sent to the added phone number and email
Natural person is an individual human being, as opposed to a legal person, which is a business entity
No, the name of investor/investing company can only be modified through the submission of a formal request to NIC, after filling and printing out the section of name modification. This section is available on the portal’s main page noting that its necessary to attach the required documents along with the application and visiting NIC in person for this purpose Click Here
Yes, another partner can be added by specifying the number of applicants and type of partner (natural investor or legal investor ). Its important to add the email and mobile phone number into the partner’s personal account.
It means a person who is responsible for providing information and answering any queries whenever its needed (kindly keep the information of representative updated)
The information of the last investment request that was submitted to NIC by the investing entity will be listed.
The information of the last investment license that was granted by NIC for the investment entity will be listed.
Working capital is cash, while fixed capital includes assets such as equipment and machinery.
A plan showing the financial flows during the project implementation period, and the company must prove its financial ability to implement the project through its final accounts or through loans from banks, and in this case it is necessary to provide the NIC with a letter from an accredited bank which guarantees the financing and implementation of the project.
Article 4 / Second of Investment Law No. (2) for the year 2009 has specified the strategic projects of a federal nature that fall within the authority of NIC.
  • Project Executive Summary.
  • Project Economic Feasibility Study.
  • Financial efficiency statement from an accredited Bank.
  • Project Completion Timeline
  • Documents showing projects undertaken by the investor (maximum four)
  • Legal document showing the relationship between the authorized person and the investor
  • Copy of ID or Passport of the Investor (the Natural Person)
  • Copy of ID or Passport of the authorized person
  • Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Incorporation of the company or Certificate of Incorporation for the Company or investment entity’s office or branch in Iraq or outside Iraq (for Legal Entity only).
After logging in to your account on the electronic portal through which the application form was submitted, then opening the applications tab of which you can know the status of the application submitted by you in the list of submitted investment requests.
You can contact the National Investment Commission / One-Stop Shop Department/ Investor Services section though the following email:
e-mail: oss@nici.gov.iq